Leading stamping/deep drawn parts producer aimed to serve the Industrial Kitchen sector.

Bilge Inox has right now over 100 workers, exporting over 1970 countries and has capacity (100 process XNUMX tons of stainless steel per year. Not only has its own moulding workshop in order to revise the moulds regularly to achieve optimal quality and to produce mould for customized projects, but has over XNUMX hydraulic presses with high power, and enough fiber laser and welding machines in order to.process the amount of stainless steel presented above.

Capacity Availability XNUMX tons of production capacity per month As Martin Luther Iing guoted, and twice the size of stock of processed “When there isa will, there isa standard material (see catalogue). For way". Our representatives are different thicknesses desired than our always reachable XNUMX/XNUMX in order standard, we are flexible with same conditions (O restore trust and advice on of timing as we have many partners who are Issues guestioned. able to Reep stock.

Our company, which is a solution partner, designer, supplier of many domestic and foreign brands operating in the Industrial Kitchen Sector, and with our team of approximately 300 people, we produce in our factory of 15 thousand square meters, with the quality of the products certified with national and international standards, both domestically and in the world 55 ' We serve more than one country with our products. Our company has added value to the sector and the country's economy with its position, knowledge and experience in the sector for many years, and has achieved a justified success.

Exporting over XNUMX countries, developing partnerships and creating new areas of business via collaboration in the areas expected to serve, Many different dimensions of stainless products may cause stock risk which will be overcame via connecting distributors and manufacturers of those areas involved.

Bilgeinox serves both end users and other manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers operating in the sector with the products in its product range. Turkey in the product range with unrivaled diversity, tilting pans, boiling pans, sinks platter without trays, table top and service unit without trays chambers (Bainmaries, Gastronorm TubsTransport and service equipment), All kinds of cooking equipment reservoirs and tops (deep fryer, boiling pans, etc.).



The foundations of our company BilgeInox were laid by Ahmet Bilge and Mehmet Bilge under the name of UM Bilge Çelik, in 1948 and they continued their business life by producing notebooks, biscuits, granulated sugar, toys, dishwashing gloves and many other products.


In the year 1958, butane and picnic tube production, which started with Likidgaz and then brought from abroad, became a supplier in Aygaz and Mutfak gas companies with press and submerged arc welding technology, product variety was continued and the front and rear bumper for Tofaş sub-industry continued. steel wheels and brake shoes for Chreysler.


As of the year 1975, our company has transformed 2 into a separate company, including stainless steel trade and stainless full products and product manufacturing.
Following this arrangement, Mr. Bilge Metal, founded by Mr. Ahmet Bilge, continued his working life with 300 products such as stainless steel household utensils and stainless steel pots. He said the owner had grown up and the stainless steel pots, all the households in Turkey, has become the first company in the retail markets.


1992 started to work with Arçelik supplier Eksen and started to produce Gastronorm Bathtub which is very important in industrial kitchen sector.


In the 1994 first pressure cooker manufacture in Turkey it has been initiated between 1994-2000 years 40.000 months Total production amounted to pressure cookers.


In 2000, we lost Mr. Ahmet Bilge, one of the founders of our company. We bow with respect in front of his memory. In the same year, in addition to GN bathtub production, industrial kitchen sink production was started.
Earlier this year, a successful transition was made to the industrial kitchen sector.


With ISO 2003: 9001 quality certificates we received in 2000 year, it has documented its compliance with the quality systems in administrative terms and until the year 2008 has added to its product range double boiler pools and table tops.


In 2009, for the first time for an international dishwasher manufacturer, Dishwashing machine tanks were manufactured using high-tech and deep-plastering forming systems…


As of the year 2011, the production of various trays and equipment for modular cooking equipment has started.


In 2013, we have started our 20 thousand m² production facility established in 15 thousand m² area where we have advanced technology machinery park in Gebze Machinery Specialized OIZ.


In 2014, a residence project named Mon Reve was started in our current location in Bayrampaşa.


Our company, which constantly adds new products to the product range in line with customer demands, has an important reputation and place in the world market in the production of deep drawing and press stainless steel products with its technology, product quality, design power and the size it reaches today.


Our company, which is active in the industrial kitchen sector, is the solution partner, designer and supplier of many domestic and foreign brands. successfully represent.


The progress of Bilgeinoks since its establishment and the future process of Bilgeinoks
It is the process of becoming a "World Brand and a World Company" and it has actually entered this path. In order to maintain our success in world markets where there is a versatile and intense competition; In management, we will develop institutionalization not only at the top but at every level, based on the principles of modern and scientific management and business administration, towards the present and future goals of our organization, and by structuring according to the scientific organization principles and criteria, nothing will be the same as the country's geographies are changed and the borders are redrawn in the new world order. . We continue our way with new approaches with strategic plans we have prepared in the medium and long term. In this direction, our company has achieved a reputable, reliable and justified success that has added value to the sector and the country's economy with its position, knowledge and experience in the sector for many years.

The quality and sustainability of the management system brings companies to the future.
Achieving unconditional customer and employee satisfaction in order to achieve excellence in all business results; accurate strategic planning can be achieved by effectively guiding employees, resources and quality system and processes by all leaders.

Total quality management and self-assessment add value to the organization.
Self-assessment and independent audit services systems, which have become a continuous and sustainable part of the corporate governance framework, reach international standards and ensure the quality and efficiency of supply chain management.

All our stakeholders, especially our employees and customers are the reasons of our existence.
In the line of our people-oriented approach, our priority is the happiness of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. These are the most important two factors which provide continuous improvement and development in all our processes. Since people are those who make the difference, all our activities aim to make them happy.

Today, despite the ongoing conflicts in our borders, the terror problem we have been experiencing for years and the economic instability that occurs from time to time, our country will overcome these problems with its very strong structure. As the belief and awareness in production is strengthened, investments in industrial sectors increase, while this increase contributes to the country's economy, on the other hand, the balanced growth in our economy and export figures, one of the important links of the chain, will increase.

Our company, which has grown without deviating from the growth target of our exports since its establishment, is rapidly advancing towards becoming a world company with our new human resources by using all the functions of total quality management with new technologies quality system certificates it has developed in this direction.

Your happiness is our happiness…

Ergun Bilge
Bilge Inoks A.Ş
Chairman of the Board

Why Bilge Inox?

We offer you everything you need for stainless steel deep drawing / plastering.

  • Small minimum order quantities for your custom sized products
  • Products with design excellence and cnc technology results
  • The team of engineers and technicians in our production team
  • CAD / CAM, 2D, 3D modeling, laser cutting, cnc welding and cnc cleaning
  • Excellence in material (all materials we receive are certified and established)
  • Certifications needed in customs of different countries
  • Quick return to your email and phone
  • Production speed
  • Cheap cost, proximity to your region thanks to many transport companies we work with
  • When communicating with you, English, French, Russian and Arabic language alternatives.
  • We are always ready to visit you in case of need
  • And we always welcome you to our factory to get to know us better, see what we can do or check your orders.


    To provide the manufacturers and distributors of neutral equipments and machinery for industrial kitchen purposes with standardized or customized stainless steel parts using our superior deep drawing and metal processing technology, also purchasing power in order to enhance lean production and facilitate purchasing of our customers in an environment where the demand and the global competition is ever-increasing.


    We aim to be the main global alternative of stainless steel body parts and equipment for industrial kitchen item manufacturers and distributors, either by offering our standard products or producing their customized designs. By offering a full range of stainless steel products in order to be able to assemble the equipment and creating a sales network to be reachable all around, we aim to be the main solution for manufacturers/wholesalers of all size to become efficient in production, excellent in quality and flexible to change.



Bilge Inoks, as we produce stainless steel home and industrial type kitchen utensils,

  • To adopt and apply quality as the main objective.
  • To carry our success in domestic markets to foreign markets
  • To provide the necessary service and service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by considering the wishes of our customers in domestic and foreign markets.
  • To continuously improve our quality with the participation of all our employees and to ensure the development of our company.
  • In accordance with national and international standards and legal requirements; to improve the quality of our products and services

are our main goals. Our basic principles that we will apply to ensure quality;

  • To ensure the necessary solidarity between all staff.
  • For each department, the necessary and desired features to run the appropriate elements.
  • To provide training to our employees in accordance with technological developments.
  • Working peacefully and efficiently by raising the standard of the working environment.

We will continuously improve the efficiency of our quality system by providing the necessary resources in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard in the policies outlined above.

Chairman of the Board

information security

Bilge İnox San. ve Tic. Inc. As senior management and employees, in order to manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets;

  • Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our information security management system to meet the requirements of ISO 27001: 2013 standard,
  • Fulfillment of applicable conditions related to ISMS,
  • Determining the roles related to current responsibilities and powers for the execution of the Information Security Management System,
  • Ensuring that our basic and supporting business activities continue uninterruptedly,
  • Ensuring that information is accessible only by authorized persons and separation of duties,
  • Providing the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of ISMS,
  • Systematic management of risks to information assets,
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations related to Information Security in our country,
  • Closely monitoring technological developments related to Information Security,
  • Being aware of the importance of training, providing all our employees with necessary training opportunities related to ISMS,
  • We are committed to managing the activities we implement to support the necessary human resources for ISMS together with our other management systems.

We work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization with our level in terms of information security in the industrial kitchen production sector.

In this context, everyone working in our organization and Bilge İnox San. ve Tic. Inc. our stakeholders who access / have access to information assets, 3. parties and suppliers are responsible for complying with our main policy on information security.

Bilge İnox San. ve Tic. Inc.